RSS Panel X

by , based on work by Johannes la Poutré and CommerceNet Consortium, LLC

RSS Panel X is a RSS/Atom/hAtom/OPML reader for Greasemonkey based on version 2.01 of Johannes la Poutré's excellent RSS Panel.

RSS Panel X has the following features:

RSS Panel X is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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Development Version

Unstable Snapshot

Download the latest unstable development version: rsspanel.

The RCS version history for RSS Panel X is available: rsspanel.user.js,v

The RCS version history for this page is also available: rsspanel.html,v

Released Versions

version 2.01-bsittler15 (experimental)

  • New homepage and contact info
  • Parse HTML inside dc:description

version 2.01-bsittler14 (experimental)

  • Less buggy hina, hina-di and LIRS parsing

version 2.01-bsittler13 (experimental)

version 2.01-bsittler12 (experimental)

  • rel="service.feed"
  • Work around namespaced node creation failures in ie6 and below
  • Allow missing rel attribute in atom link element
  • Fall back to non-empty innerText when no child nodes are present
  • Menu item "Autodetect+" which also supports <a rel="alternate" href="...">...</a>
  • Allow null namespace for RSS elements in RDF, as caused by MoinMoin bug in pre-2.4 Python

version 2.01-bsittler11 (experimental)

  • Fix cascade bug seen on frameset pages (gmail, etc.)

version 2.01-bsittler10 (experimental)

version 2.01-bsittler9 (experimental)

  • Support rel="outline" (sometimes used for OPML)

version 2.01-bsittler8 (experimental)

  • Workaround for a Firebug crash (disable RSS Panel X for file:* URI pattern)
  • Fix bug in UTF-8 decoder

version 2.01-bsittler7 (experimental)

  • Remap C1 control characters according to CP1252/MacRoman assignments:

     Å  ƒ     ˆ  Š  Œ ç Ž è

    ê ˜ š œ ù ž Ÿ
  • Rewrote HTML parser

version 2.01-bsittler6 (experimental)

  • Workarounds for OmniWeb event handling bugs
  • Handles feeds incorrectly delivered as HTML in Firefox 1.x
  • Added an Accept header with a list of supported media types

version 2.01-bsittler5 (experimental)

  • Support for OPML 1.0
  • Support for RSS 1.0 with mod_enclosure
  • Plays nicely with the Firefox 2.0 feed reader
  • Workarounds for various MSIE "CSS" flaws
  • Plays nicely with MSIE XML display pages.

version 2.01-bsittler4 (experimental)

  • Added key accelerators (Alt+R and Alt+Shift+R) — but they don't work for me in Greasemonkey (tested in Firefox 1.5 and 2.0rc3)

    • RSS Panel X Autodetect = Alt+R
    • RSS Panel X for this feed = Alt+Shift+R
    • About RSS Panel X

    Based on a suggestion by Mysteriously Nameless User; apparently similar to an unreleased version by Desert Fox

  • Changed namespace to match homepage based on a suggestion by Mysteriously Nameless User
  • New homepage
  • The bookmarklet now works as a Konqueror Minitool for RSS, Atom and hAtom feeds

version 2.01-bsittler3 (experimental)

version 2.01-bsittler2 (experimental)

  • Now it's called "RSS Panel X" (i.e. "eXperimental" RSS Panel)
  • Better overflow handling in Opera and MSIE
  • Switched namespace to avoid collisions
  • Repointed update URL to avoid spamming someone else w/my bugs

version 2.01-bsittler1 (experimental)

  • Duplicate feeds are suppressed (<img alt="..." /> is not handled uniformly, though)
  • hAtom 0.1 support
  • Atom 1.0 support
  • Multi-feed support
  • Tested as GM, Opera and Turnabout user scripts, and as plain .js
  • New GM menu items for panel redisplay and feed reading